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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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injuries. >> i heard the gun shots, yes, and it was pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: janet saunders who heard shots but did not see what happened, now watched as officers retrieved, spent shell casings from the street, flatbed ago way a neighbor's car with at least two bullet holes in the side door and the bumper. >> it is very surprising, yes. we just don't have it happen up here very quiet. >> totally shocked. this is very quiet neighborhood. it is almost like a scene out of the movie. >> kathy burns returned from work to see her normally peaceful neighborhood now a crime scene. investigators hoping, through evidence collected here, to track down the suspects, and determine the motive, for the the violence, that put anyone outside, on a warm summer afternoon, in danger. >> i haven't really taken it all in, but it is very frightening. >> reporter: and at least one neighbor told me they heard
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gunshots, last evening, and adding to fear that there could be a ongoing problem here, a problem that neighbors and police are hoping can be solved by arrests as soon as possible. live from norristown, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. police in salem county are searching for a woman caught on camera viciously beating a mother right in front of her young son. tonight victim speaks out and tells "eyewitness news" what she thinks led to the violence. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in salem with the disturbing details on this, cleve? >> reporter: police are looking for latea harris, they had a hard time locating her. she was working in the mcdonald's when a former co-worker came in. it enraged harris. she followed her behind the restaurant and savagely beat her in front of the victim's toddler son. we warned you this video is graphic as well as the victim's injuries.
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>> it was a brutal beating, salem police pulled from you tube, this is the result, catherine suffered a broken nose and concussion as well as extensive bruises and cuts to her face. >> i could have been dead right now and she hit me in the right spot it would have been over. >> reporter: she says she used to work at mcdonald's with the suspect whom police identified as 25 year-old latea harris. she said fight started over work place gossip which she took part in but never imagined it would go so far. >> thinks not good for anybody. you don't look good. i definitely don't look good. it doesn't look good. >> reporter: in the video i group of what appears to be teens or preteens stand by gawking, while her two-year old son, is the only one trying to intervene. >> i became so much closer to my son because it is like he didn't care what was going on, he was ant frayed, he just wanted to defend his mom, so that is my world, right there i love that boy so much.
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>> reporter: police will charge hard business aggravated assault and making threats begins victim and her son. >> you better get your son bring kick him in his face too. >> reporter: she studies biology at salem community college and hopes her injuries won't interfere. >> i have a dream and right now it is just a dream but i have a dream to become a surgeon. >> reporter: this employee will not serve customers, pending this important police investigation and i'm fully cooperating with the local police, in this matter. again, latea harris they are looking for her to turn herself in or anyone with information to call salem police. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. is there another twist tonight to that bizarre stabbing at the house of a horder in olney yesterday. police say this young man 18 year man anthony waters is responsible for stabbing a 71 year-old female neighbor between 15 and 20 times. they say he also stabbed a 54 year-old man who was at the house. now this is the same teenager
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who investigators say was hosing down, that woman and the scene when police arrived yesterday. police say that waters wanted to steel the female victim's car and sell it to a chop shop. we're told the victim's conditions are improving tonight. well, gas leak has forced evacuation of the rhawnhurst apartment building, chopper three over the 1800 block of solly avenue this morning. we have learn that someone was trying to steel a dryer and ruptured a gas line in the basement. the line has now been repaired and everyone was allowed back in the complex. so far police have made no arrests. well, right now crews are making repairs to the street in northeast philadelphia following a water main break this morning. this happened in the 8800 block of bradford street. this was the scene when water was gushing out of that pipe around 5:00 o'clock this morning. it has now been capped, but the street has a giant crack in it which has caused a bit of the sink hole. officials believe, rather say
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that water services has been restored to all residents. the heat and humidity is certainly out there but it is still a great day to be outside especially if you are at the beach. meteorologist kathy orr is enjoying the the ocean breeze down in sea isle city and she joins us with a look at the first forecast, kathy? jessica, it was cloudy earlier, new is there plenty of sun glare to go around. it is just a picture perfect afternoon, but the beach is still busy. folks walking boards get something xavier exercise, losing some of the heat of the day, but temperatures still well in the 80's. lets look at storm scan three, nothing really to talk about. we will zoom into sea isle city where we just have a few fair weather clouds and a temperature of 82 degrees. we are just to the south of ocean city and north of avalon and stone harbor. lets look at those temperatures. fill 586. it is the high so far. still hot at this late hour. trenton 83. eighty-six at the airport in atlantic city. wilmington and allentown this
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evening, the phillies first pitch is at 7:05. it will be 83 degrees. partly cloudy and humid at 9:00. by 11:00 still humid 77 degrees. looking behind me atop that mobile weather lab is there a digital sign going on and what it says is we have a new cbs-3 philly app. as weather changes, as you are on the beach, you don't know what is going on in the weather, you'll have your phone and the app. thinks it. it is the new cbs philly app, available to down load for free right now from the app store. it will be available by android, android version will be coming soon to a store near you but great, i have been using it all day and hopefully you enjoy it down the shore this weekend. world cup fever rages around the world including here in philadelphia. >> look at that crowd. "eyewitness news" in center
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city where devoted fans of team u.s.a. gathered to watch the team take on germany. while the outcome was in the what the fans wanted all are pumped autopsy that the team is moving to the next round. >> they thought there was in way america would make it through but it is great testament to all of the hard work guys are doing down there hopefully we will make a run down in brazil. >> pride over team u.s.a. is especially strong from one new jersey town. as "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tells us north buns brick is where it started for the team's goal keeper tim howard. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> reporter: like most bars around noon time on thursday, the north brunswick pub was patriotic place to be, unlike most bars north brunswick pub happens to be sit in the hometown of one key u.s. goal keeper. >> there will be guys that came out of the same state but rarely ever the same town, right down the road. >> reporter: that is right, tim howard, current u.s. net minder and arguablably its best ever is from the garden state right off of route one
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and north brunswick. howard was a stand out athlete in north brunswick high school. he played basketball too but soccer was his best sport. what may surprise you is for most of his senior season he didn't spend anytime in the goal n fact he was trying to score them playing in both midfielder and a striker. >> he is determined, hard working, and inspiration. >> reporter: stephanie, would know, while howard was patrolling the pitch for the the boys team she was a goalie for the girls team. >> he would go and train with the guys and he was there and just awesome. awesome to be around him. >> stop that ball. >> reporter: now howard's biggest fan she said it ace parent from early on that the kid voted most athletic by his classmate was on his way to stardom. >> especially by his senior ew that he wasby his senior going straight to the pros. >> reporter: that he did playing on multiple european club teams while representing the u.s. in more international matches, then any other goalie. >> you are from north brunswick you have a pride that he is from here.
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>> reporter: u.s. did lose to germany one to nothing on thursday but win, lose or draw it is safe bet that anyone in the pub would still buy tim howard a beer. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> always great to have a local connection. lets look at great tweets. the this fridays katie fehlinger. she says mesmerized fans at commerce square, good looking crowd there. up next, this is how you view the world cup right there the with the nice fountain in the background. these guys taking in the game at bethlehem steel sachs and they have the red, white and blue vibe going on for sure. here are friend from ronald mcdonald house in southern new jersey. they have red, white, blue, the flags, they have it all there. up next friends from new jersey boys state they celebrate that the u.s. advances to the next round. always great. wonderful ap photo hoof other president obama taking in the action on air force one. you can see, even the president, is getting in on the action. >> in question just yet. everyone excited, fans all
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excited, team u.s.a. will advance, beasley will have a wrap up of the world cup in sports. it is also a huge night in basketball, the nba draft is less than an hour away, leslie van arsdal is live for news brooklyn, leslie? hi there, chris, yes the moment we have been waiting for and waiting for the nba draft. we will tell you who the the sixers are targeting and, well, what they might to have give up to get him coming up this in sports. also on the way tonight a world famous architect talks about his vision to make major changes, to philadelphia's famous art museum, and, those iconic steps, kathy? chris, beautiful afternoon down the shore we are live in sea isle, we have the sun, we have the the surf we have the sand, and some surprises for the weekend those ocean the water temperatures will be cooling down, we will talk about that plus have the sizzling, hot forecast in the seven day coming up as
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"eyewitness news" continues.
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philadelphia's museum of artist under going a transformation. leaders and world renoun architect unveiled to the public the master plan today. the plans called for, an
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extensive new gallery space, and a controversial change to our famous steps. pat ciarrocchi spoke with the architect tapped to make it all happen. >> the name frank geary stretch's cross the face of the philadelphia museum of art just as runners are making their climb like rocky. inside the architect walks among the models, that have reimagined a museum for the future. >> i think we just got to take it over the moon and put it where it belongs. >> reporter: multi year multi phase project that open the interior primarily through an excavation under the east plaza that faces center city to create a new 55,000 square foot gallery at street level. >> the problem building under that plaza was how do you make gallery spaces down there so it doesn't look like you are going in the basement. >> reporter: gary says by adding light, broad sky light and a window carved out of the center of the steps that thousands of tourist come to
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climb. >> a lot of people from all overcoming here to climb that steps that rocky climbed. if they are in the here they will say, oh, man. >> hollywood interventions are cute but they don't rest mate really with an art museum. >> this place has a mission and it is a world mission. >> reporter: first plans had no exterior changes but a desire to create visual opening to the city, led to the window in the middle of the steps. the idea wasn't gary's but came from a board member. >> that is an intervention where we're crossing a line there that maybe we should or shouldn't, i don't know. >> reporter: rodriguez family from costa rica came to the art by way of the museum steps which could some day change dramatically. >> not just from the movie, but it belongs to everybody else, i don't think it is a good idea. >> reporter: ambitious, expensive modernization with the first phase costing 150 million-dollar laid out in the summer public exhibit where philadelphia icon, attempts to
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envision its future. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, as you saw the talk of these pages had people talking to us today, we'd love to hear from you as well. look at the plans for yourself on cbs philly to the come, then share your thoughts with us on our facebook and twitter pages. it is thursday, it is summer and that means orr at the shore. >> what a great day to be at the shore right now, meteorologist kathy orr live in sea isle sit on it promenade, kathy? >> reporter: great place to be this afternoon and it already feels like the weekend. we are with the live mobile weather lab. temperature is 82 degrees. these folks hanging out. are you ready for the weekend. >> yes, they are ready for the weekend. they have their little red cups over there with coca cola or soda i'm sure. lets talk about the weather because it has been a beautiful day to day every
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where with clearing skies. high temperature in philadelphia, made it to 87 degrees. despite the cloud cover, 86 is the normal. it is also the temperature right now. record being 100 degrees. right now temperatures in the mid 80's. millville 85. reading 84. look at the shore temperatures cooler in beach haven but sea isle still eight two. cape may and rehoboth beach, delaware still sitting at 80 degrees. now, humidity will change. already feel a different from yesterday. well, tomorrow it is going to be around 60 degrees as far as dew point is concern. that is not so bad. here's why. we have an area of high pressure to the north that is going to pull down those north northwesterly winds and that means it will be dryer, lower humidity for friday with temperatures in the 80's. chance of the stray shower. saturday looking good as well, with mostly sunny skies, more humidity with temperatures well in the 80's by sunday. here is our forecast for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy,
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low temperature of 68 degrees. during the day on friday, looking in sun and clouds. high of 84 with the stray shower possible. poconos looking good, friday, saturday, sunday temperatures will be in the 70's and on the inclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast highs in the 80's across the board, the problem will come next week when we have hazy, hot, humid conditions and temperatures bounce back in the 90's. back here live we want to say hello to our friends from mike's seafood. we have joey, caitlin. tell us what that is, joey. >> thinks a tray of mike's famous crab balls. >> which we love. >> which we love. >> and we wanted to welcome you guys to sea isle, mike likes to send the love every where he can. >> we love mike too thanks, mike. we know, we love you, and all of your great seafood. caitlin, busy weekend coming up. >> definitely, fourth of july is very exciting weekend at mike's seafood. >> big weekend on sea isle
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because of the weather and it is also a big seafood weekend down the shore in cape may so if you are down the the shore check this out, it is cape may seafood festival, it is this saturday along beach avenue they have flounder, clam chowedder, school -- scallops and for more forgo to cbs on on out, these are mike's famous little crab snowballs here. we will try one. chris may i know do you in the like seafood and jessica, i know you don't either. >> wait, what. >> what are you talking about. >> they are delicious. >> they are delicious. >> yes, we will send a few home good back it up and bring it back. >> thanks, guys. >> we will see you later tonight. >> is anyone else salivating right now. i don't think i'll get through this report. good evening, heading down to catch phillies tonight it is a big night at phillies stadium because they have fire works after the game a lot of folks
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heading down into south philadelphia. north bound 95 is delayed approaching area of the philadelphia international airport up and over girard point bridge and all the way down through walt whitman bridge area give yourself some more time there. bit of the sun glare on the roadway. southbound i-95 we are seeing heavier delays out of the north east philadelphia and bensalem area down toward vine street expressway. on the vine eastbound delayed end to end, westbound approaching schuylkill, 19 is your average on 76 expect high volume around mid county tolls and stay with us from cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will be right back.
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big game for u.s.a. soccer
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verse germany today they didn't to have win it but could not be a blow out because of the goal differential. here we go no goal in the second half germans on the attack, tim howard makes a save, ball goes to thomas muhler, he blast it past howard and germany takes a one to nothing advantage. u.s.a. had a couple of chances in time. michael bradley with the cross, and clint dempsey header goes over the cross bar. however, close enough for team u.s.a. to advance to the knock out round and they will play belgium. >> huge for to us get out of this group, that everybody said, we have no chance, we took that chance and we will move on and now we want to prove a point. >> much anticipated nba draft is tonight in brooklyn, new york. our leslie van arsdal is there with the draft preview, hi there less lee. >> hi there beasley, everyone buzzing around, the excitement building for 7:30 tonight, sixers with the third and tenth pick in the draft with
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that could change. the lets talk about who they are targeting, the big man, wiggins the kansas forward. andrew wiggins the kansas forward, 6 feet eight, averaging 17 points for jayhawks as a freshman. they are trying hard to make this happen. there have been rumors. cbs sports dot the come has reported that the cavilers are diagnosis for third, tenth and 32nd pick to move up, but also heard that deal is not working out right now. so we just don't know. here's what we do know, sixers ceo scott o'neill told our ukee washington this morning that the sam hinkie will pick, the right man, for the job. >> he knows how to pick players. he had number 11 pick, picks rookie of the year. pulled a black buster trade last year, how can you trade an all-star. we get nerlens jump pink like a pogo stick. >> that is what i hear. >> we have the tenth pick this year. you know he will be very active, very much excited
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about this. he has been working around the clock. >> and this is what we know about sam hinkie, he pulls off these monster blockbuster deals. he pulled off one that brought nerlens noel to philadelphia who knows anything can happen tonight, i said something amazing will come out of this, beasley. >> all right, finally tonight, phillies pitcher cliff lee was in the community at holman automotive raising money to send camden kids to summer camp through urban promise. q and a, autographs and photos and cliff will give dozens of kids a summer to remember.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at ten and we're back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next, scott pelley reporting
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tonight from new york city. >> pelley: tonight, can abortion protesters be barred from clinics. the supreme court ride on that today, and voted to limit the power of the president. reports from jan crawford and bill plante. team u.s.a. proves you can win for losing. elaine quijano at the world cup in brazil. two families who lost children to the santa pash ramass murderer, sit down with ben tracy in their first television interview. >> reporter: what does it mean to you to read those words that somebody wrote about your son. >> here they come! >> pelley: and we sent vanita nair to cape cod. she came back with a whale of a story. >> oh, my gosh! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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